a 1350-word essay on the film “Shakespeare in Love” (1998) ACCORDING to SAMPLE E


a 1350-word essay on the film “Shakespeare in Love” (1998) ACCORDING to SAMPLE ESSAY (please see links below) | Format: double-spaced, Times New Roman 12, standard margins.correctly formatted according to latest MLA standards | Please site professional outside sources (as many as you like) in the essay, you must cite your sources, and you must include a full works cited, and Please DO NOT PLAGIARISE others’ works.| Please include a good THESIS in the first paragraph of the essay.| Link to the FILM- “Shakespeare in Love” (1998) (let me know if the link doesn’t work for you): https://123moviefree.sc/mov/shakespeare-in-love-1998/watching.html/?ep=10 | Link to the SAMPLE ESSAY: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s59/client/snv?fbclid=IwAR2qm6kENQlEIxu1aUxYLZlZBhyRMgPfsyNMcuzbfou7-7ZthOlVmjp3nEs┬ČeGuid=bbbaf2fd-889f-426a-8b42-2537ccb70bae┬ČeKey=ab9e7879daf005bee70d9ff0c74aa685&sn=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.evernote.com%2Fshard%2Fs59%2Fsh%2Fbbbaf2fd-889f-426a-8b42-2537ccb70bae%2Fab9e7879daf005bee70d9ff0c74aa685&title=sample%2Btextual%2Banalysis

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