Directions Please use the four families to complete a Family Structures chart to


Directions Please use the four families to complete a Family Structures chart to examine research on family systems theory, parenting styles, and the role of family structures in relation to types of families that may be seen in early childhood. Be sure to examine the role of the four family structures in detail for all families. The chart will be created by answering the following: Describe the diversity of these four families in terms of their parenting roles, cultural beliefs, and involvement in their child’s education. For each of these four family types of your organization, describe the effective ways you would support, communicate, and share community resources. Support your approaches to working with the four diverse families with references to family system theories and research examined. Include a discussion of the importance of understanding diversity from your perspective as well as the perspectives of the four families in this assignment. Include at least three references from scholarly sources retrieved from the Purdue Global Library supporting family systems theory, parenting styles, and/or roles of family structures and include in-text citations throughout your chart. The use of bullet points is required for this assignment followed by an in-text citation. Be sure to complete the Unit 3 Learning Activity where there is additional detail on the four families and practice activities to prepare you for this assignment. Writing Requirements and Assignment Guidelines Your assignment should be at least 1–2 pages, not including the title and reference pages, and should include the following elements: Title, Body, and References. Include at least two sources listed in APA format.

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