Submit an assessment document comprising: Part A: [60%] A 1,800 word essay which


Submit an assessment document comprising:
Part A: [60%] A 1,800 word essay which discusses and evaluates the following statement:
“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the graduate labour market will face a number of challenges,
but it will also provide opportunities for Business School graduates to help rebuild the
In this essay, you can either provide a general discussion and evaluation of challenges and
opportunities the graduate labour market in the UK or the country in which you wish to work. You must carry out your own independent research and create a discussion
which reviews relevant academic and practitioner literature. Your essay much be written entirely
in the third person.
Relevant academic literature includes peer-reviewed publications such as journal articles, text
books, theses, and conference proceedings. Relevant practitioner literature includes government
reports such as the Office for National Statistics (ONS), professional bodies such as the Chartered
Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), reports / information from student/graduate-focused
organisations such as the Institute of Student Employers (ISE), other research reports from
organisations with a clear and robust methodology, and news articles from good quality papers /
news websites such as BBC, The Guardian or The Times.
It is not acceptable to include references from sources such as from Wikipedia, unsubstantiated
blogs, unsubstantiated web pages created by organisations or individuals, and poor quality
journalism from tabloid newspapers, etc. These sources lack academic rigour and should not be

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