I am attaching the Research Brief, which should be taken as a base for the resea


I am attaching the Research Brief, which should be taken as a base for the research proposal and be elaborated on with more details. The marking criteria is attached where the areas where it has to be emphasized are visible. Listed below is a non-prescriptive example of a structure and what is expected from the business research proposal: – Includes an Executive Summary at the beginning, outlining the business research problem and justifying a method of data gathering – Defines precisely its topic and research objectives. The topic should be relevant and of interest to Tourism, Hospitality and Events industries. – Outlines the relevant context. The proposed research should contribute to enabling business decisions and practice and the wider global business environment where relevant. – Critically reviews available literature, demonstrating proficiency in conducting a literature review and refers effectively to relevant concepts/theories/models. Identifies data needs and sources needed to meet the proposal’s research objectives and can be either primary or secondary. – Presents and justifies the suitability of the research method, which can either be qualitative or quantitative. – Identifies a method of analyzing the data obtained from chosen research method and considered the appropriateness of this chosen method of data analysis. – Acknowledges any weaknesses of the selected research method and considers how any weakness could potentially be reduced. – Identifies and manages any ethical issues relevant to the proposed business research. – Provides a full list of references using the Harvard format.

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