Report 2200 words At least 30 REFERENCES Company: Cummins ltd (Daventry Northamt


2200 words
At least 30 REFERENCES
Company: Cummins ltd (Daventry Northamtomshire, United Kingdom| Cummins Ltd ( this link is the company website where is it possible to find useful information for the report.
Organisational Analysis – (word count 800 words)
With reference to established academic theory, research and explain the structure and culture of your host organisation, and evaluate how these two aspects align and impact the organisation. Research the organisation’s mission and vision statements and examine how the goals and strategy of the organisation contribute to the achievement of these.
Business Environmental Analysis – (word count 1100 words)
Critically discuss and evaluate the macro/micro business environment in which the company operates utilising any suitable frameworks such as PESTEL, Porter’s Five Forces or the Balanced Scorecard. How useful are the frameworks chosen? What are their limitations (from a researched/referenced viewpoint)? The material within your analysis needs to be supported with referenced industry facts and figures from credible business sources and company literature where possible (for example Mintel etc.). Any reference to academic theory here must be supported with Harvard referencing. (You may wish to utilise the appendices here for inclusion of any table of SWOT/PESTEL, etc. and draw upon the main points in your discussion as this allows for deeper analysis of the key points you are discussing in the report rather than a descriptive list).
Conclusion – (word count 300 words)
From the organisational and environmental analyses undertaken provide a balanced conclusion as regards the sustainability of the business going forward. For example you could discuss:
• Can threats be changed into opportunities? – provide examples on this.
• During your analysis have you spotted a further social or technological trends in the market that will affect the company’s sustainability? (again provide evidence)
• Can weaknesses be mitigated through the development of core competencies and capabilities?
• How can the organisations key competitive advantages be maintained or defended?
Throughout the section above, please remember to provide reference to academic theory, industry journals and Mintel etc. in order to support the discussion and ensure a balance of theory to practical discussion.

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