Crime is a social problem and a fundamental concept in Criminal Justice research


Crime is a social problem and a fundamental concept in Criminal Justice research. We have learned that Criminal Justice research directs how different entities respond to crime, and we know that crime data is collected for specific purposes.
Instructions: This assignment seeks to ensure you have the opportunity to practice applying class lessons to real-world situations. Below, you will be presented with a fictitious, but realistic scenario. Using the course material, which includes your textbook reading assignments, class Lecture PDFs, and/or any other relevant sources you choose, please complete the following assignment.
Your paper should approximately 2-3 page in length, typed in Times New Roman, Font 12, one-inch (1”) margins, double spaced, and following all APA 7th Edition guidelines. Please make sure to include a Reference page if you make any citations.
For Assignment #1, please read the following, and write your response:
You are the Commanding Officer of the 39th Precinct, and you have recently implemented a community policing program that encourages neighborhood residents to report incidents to the police. You now must write a department memorandum to your Community Affairs and Crime Analysis Police Officers to explain the goal of your program, the significance of research in public policy, and the best method for measuring crime.
Your memo must include:
A summary of the current situation.
Why are you implementing this community policing program? (You can choose from the following or make up your own rationale for the new program)
Are there issues in your precinct such as:
Increased violence?
Increased drug crime?
Low-levels of community trust?
Police-community hostility?
An explanation of how theory, research, and public policy are inter-related.
A brief descriiption of the different ways to measure crime.
A brief discussion about why you chose this particular way of measuring crime for your program.
This assignment is a creative thinking exercise. Put yourself in the role of the Commanding Officer and write your paper as a department memorandum. Make sure you remain courteous and professional as you address your officers in writing.

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