Here is the topic: In the final paper, your task is to produce a long-form trade


Here is the topic: In the final paper, your task is to produce a long-form trade journal style article intended for a general, technology-interested readership. As a reference for tone and readership, see Wired Magazine, or MIT Technology Review. Your paper is to be long-form, meaning longer and more in-depth than a typical online article. On paper, this translates to ~7 pages in length, single-spaced, 11 pt. font. As discussed in class, this page length is meant to reflect a lack of constraint on your writing, in order to give you the freedom to explore these topics in-depth and to elaborate on your evidence and storytelling. Do not feel the obligation to fill 7 pages, independent to the goal of creating a persuasive, compelling essay.
In this paper, you will be making an informed prediction about a topic related to the role of technology in the future. The paper should aim to persuade the reader that, while speculative, that there is good reason to believe that this prediction may not only be true, but is an issue worth caring about.
The prediction can be on anything related to technology and it’s impact on society, business, education, or any other area of significant interest. You can also choose multiple predictions, so far as they relate to one another in a coherent way. “Future” can be defined on any timescale, from a few years into the future, to centuries.
Importantly, the paper should aim to strike a balance between two (potentially competing) forces: the novelty of the claim (nobody has said this before, and its a new way to think about the future of technology), and the rigorousness of the claim (there is good reason to believe this prediction may come true). Ideally, the goal is to produce a paper that takes a maximally novel and interesting claim, while at the same time being intellectually justified.
*I started writing some of the paper already, I was struggling to write the rest, there are scraps and sources included that you can pull from.

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