Purpose To assess your ability to debate healthcare finance issues that have a n


To assess your ability to debate healthcare finance issues that have a national impact.
Participate in a debate of current issues in healthcare finance.
Action Items
1. Research the implications of Medicaid expansion on the internet and Franklin Library.
2. View the following YouTube videos of two Republican governors discussing Medicaid expansion:
a. Governor Kasich talks Medicaid expansion with WEWSTV (Links to an external site.)
b. Rick Perry – Reject the Medicaid expansion (Links to an external site.)
3. Respond to the “To Expand or Not to Expand…” topic:
a. What is your position regarding Medicaid expansion? Do you agree with Governor Perry or Governor Kasich?
 Support your position with at least 2 scholarly articles. Use the Franklin University Library (Links to an external site.) databases to locate appropriate articles.
 Write at least a 300-word position statement of your opinion about Medicaid expansion.
b. Please note that I will be looking for a graduate level discussion for both your original posting and your replies. The best quality posting will include reference to academic literature to support your position.
** Must provide 2 scholarly articles from the Franklin University Library websites (directions for how to get to the Library and access will be uploaded as always)
*** Please provide URL’s to references at the end of the references on the reference list as always
*** Must be at least a 300 word position regarding Medicaid Expansion
** Hit “control and the Youtube URL above in #2 A and B to view the two Medicaid Expansion articles
**Specific requirements and Youtube URLS (click) will be uploaded; look for document titled, “HCM733 Assignment 1.2 action Items” and for the seperate Word doc for Franklin Online Library directions.
****This is a new course “Healthcare Finance”**
*** This is more of a Position essay versus an Argumentative essay. The requirement is at least 300 words but I paid for 550 words. Anywhere in there is fine. This instructor is big on scholarly references. Please include 2 references and they MUST be from the Franklin library. As always I will tip you for your outstanding work.
*** No graphs, pics, or charts..

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