Eyewitness misidentification has played a role



Eyewitness misidentification has played a role in over 75% of convictions that have ultimately been overturned. I would like you to go to review the entire website. Research as many sub categories within the innocence project that you can, I want you to get a good understanding of what this organization is about and what they offer,
Once you have reviewed the website I would like you to write a two page document (word), typed in font 12, times new roman, and double spaced. This assignment will be worth 10 points. You do not need a cover page nor do you need APA format. The only source you need you will find within the innocence project website. Do not use any other sources and there is no need to cite anything. Just tell me what you found.
Please answer the following questions.
1. Discuss two recent cases
2. Why was it started and who are the founders.
3. What funding is available for exonerated inmates, if any, for housing, living expenses, etc..
4. What did you think about how many inmates are incarcerated via false witnesses identification.
5. In the two recent cases you are discussing tell me how the exonerated was wrongful convicted
6. Of the 312 exoneries how many were convicted in the past 15 years? What is different about DNA testing then, compared to now.
7. How do think Law Enforcement feel about their case being overturned because on many occasions the officer is the witness testifying.

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