*** Please run plagiarism check and verify the turabian citation style. GENER


*** Please run plagiarism check and verify the turabian citation style.
1. The C299 Strategic Estimate Point Paper is worth 30% of the
C200 block grade. This assignment is due at the end of the C200 block, after
you have completed all of the online C200 lessons.
2. Understand that writing clearly and concisely is the basis
for good staff work, but as a General Staff officer on higher level staffs it
also involves selecting only the most critical information for the (experienced
but multitasking and time pressed) senior leader in a confined format. This
paper replicates a typical action officer dilemma of having too much
information to fit into the confines of the required format. Focus on the key
topic as indicated in the instructions below. Writing clearly, and very concisely,
is a critical staff skill that is often more difficult than writing a longer
paper. Different commands will have different formats (OSD, Joint Staff, Army
Staff, EUCOM, etc.). Failure to follow the local format will either result in
your work being wasted or having to redo it to fit the format. Headings,
numbering, and spacing are part of the format provided. The focus on citations
is to get you in the (good) staff officer habit of providing to your boss where
information (like assumptions, directives, facts, etc.) is coming from so it
can both be verified, greater context obtained if needed, or the work can be
updated by you or your staff officer replacement weeks or months or years after
you are gone. Finally, remember that as a General Staff officer the purpose and
audience for the product you are producing must always be kept in mind as you
3. You must type
your answers, using the format provided in this document. DO NOT USE ANY
OTHER FORMAT. The format you must follow is described
below. The text in the example
below provides guidance on the use of the format and preparation of the paper,
and also depicts the physical layout of the paper (single line spacing,
indentation, numbering and lettering – 12 font Arial per AR 25-50). The
subject of the Congressional Background Paper (Kaliningrad) has been provided
to you in the C299 Strategic Estimate Slides. Use the Army Writing
Style mandated by AR 25-50 which
involves starting with the Bottom Line Up Front – BLUF (i.e. thesis in
the introduction). Cite sources IAW ST22-2, Appendix
A, example #7. (Also see “Example
Note Formats” located in the C200 folder). To cite Power Point slides, use the slide number instead of a page
number. The correct use of citations is to treat the subparagraphs in the
Background Discussion section (a – f) as paraphrases of the C299 Strategic
Estimate Slides. If you use a direct
quote, cite it correctly. The paper consists of two parts:
a. Two-page
(limit) Background/Discussion; and
One-page (limit) Conclusion and Recommendations.
You MUST also
submit CGSC Form 1009W with your Point Paper. In the 1009W, complete the header
on page 1 and the left side on page 2.
Note: Save your Point Paper and 1009W using the
following file naming convention per ST 22-2 (p. 18):
Last Name_First
Name_Block/Module/Course_Assignment.File Extension
For your Point Paper:
For your 1009W:
4. You may refer to the online C200 lessons, readings, and references if
you need to review key concepts of the strategic environment block. Review C299 Reading A; “Guide to Strategic Estimate Development” to review what information
is in each section. You may not discuss
the content of this assignment with anyone other than a DDE faculty member. You
may have help with proofreading, but cite that help in the first
5. This writing requirement is
worth a total of 100 points. Your grade will be based on four criteria:
a. Substance (accurate depiction of
information, ideas, analysis from Strategic Estimate): 75 points
b. Organization (adherence to
prescribed format and guidelines): 5 points
c. Style (tone, precision): 10 points
d. Correctness (spelling, punctuation,
grammar): 10 points
It is December 2021. You are an Action
Officer (AO) and a member of a EUCOM J5 (ECJ5) Joint Planning Group (JPG). As
directed by the Chief of Staff through the J5, your JPG has completed an update
of the Strategic Estimate (see C299 slides provided) for the Baltic Region to get
the Commander up to speed on the situation in the region regarding Kaliningrad
and provide the basis for a commander’s estimate and, if necessary, development
of plans.
Following the successful briefing of the
Strategic Estimate (where it was approved), the Combatant Commander learned
that he would have to travel to Washington to join the Chairman of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff at congressional hearings on the situation in the Baltic region regarding Kaliningrad. The Combatant Commander will depart for
Washington sometime in the next few days.
You have been tasked to prepare a paper for the Combatant Commander to
use in testimony before congressional committees and in meetings in Washington regarding Kaliningrad. The intent is to provide analysis
of the Strategic Estimate regarding Kaliningrad, not to regurgitate content.
Use the format provided below the line
Action Officer’s
BY: ____________ DATE
BACKGROUND/DISCUSSION. Include the heading above with your name. The
paper will not exceed three
pages. The focus is Kaliningrad and is designed to provide maximum
information in a manner that is easily absorbed. The format is appropriate for
use whenever the need for presenting summarized information arises. You will use no more than two
pages to summarize the Strategic Estimate that you were provided.
This is a narrative summary, not a cut and paste. Within this paper, you
must include key points from each section of the Strategic Estimate:
Introduction, Strategic Environment, Strategic Direction, Strategic and
Operational Challenges, Potential Opportunities, and Assessment of Risks. Use
complete, concise sentences and cover sub-points clearly and concisely. Use the
headings below to delineate each section of the paper. Cite your source.
Start with a. Introduction.
a. Introduction (including key topic and thesis)
b. Strategic Environment
c. Strategic Direction
d. Strategic
and Operational Challenges
e. Potential
Opportunities (Follow
this paragraph format and explain – provide an example- each option from the
Strategic Estimate using DIME)
Option 1: Diplomatic, Information,
Military, Economic
Option 2: Diplomatic, Information,
Military, Economic
Option 3: Diplomatic, Information,
Military, Economic
f. Assessment
of Risks & Mitigation (from the Strategic Estimate)
CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS. You will use no more than one
page for your Conclusion and Recommendation.
a. Recommendation. This sub-paragraph is the
opportunity for the Action Officer (you) to apply your judgment, weigh the alternatives,
and recommend one of the options
presented in the approved Strategic Estimate – Up Front (BLUF).
b. Validity assessment. A short paragraph covering
the validity assessment of the recommendation and any issues the other two
options may have had because of validity. Ensure you address the Validity
criteria of Feasible, Acceptable, and Suitable.
c. Risks and mitigation. Identify potential risks and mitigation for your recommendation using
the Ends-Ways-Means-Risk construct.
d. Justification. Ensure you justify your recommendation by
explaining why it is superior in comparison to the other possible options. You may use (optional) the evaluation
criteria derived from the Strategic Direction found on the last slide. You may
use the decision matrix slide as a tool
(optional) to help
you determine the superior option. If you include the chart / matrix as an
appendix, ensure you explain what it
e. Conclusion. A conclusion restates the thesis
and argues why the author’s position is correct without adding new information.

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